June 6th is International Homebirth Day
Lets celebrate it. What will you do? Meetings, Red Tents, Plays, Art exhibitions, Articles, Tweets, Radio Shows, TV shows, books……. Let us know.
Obstetric Violence is a Legal Term
Decile No A LaIn the past decade the Term Obstetric Violence has become a legal one. It is quite surprising that it was not a legal term before 2004. Specific laws against Obstetric Violence exist in countries such as Argentina, Brasil and Venezuela and their example is spreading. The argentinian law 25.929 is particularly interesting. The law is well explained and holds people accountable. They have published a questionnaire and even a free number to denounce cases.

November 25th is the International day for the elimination of Violence Against Women. Obstetric Violence is one of its many forms. Organizations such as FIGO, El parto es Nuestro, Parto respetado amongst many others, honoured women around the world on this day, by manifesting and organizing events.
GMC Meetings in Germany
We had many amazing meetings and conversations with people who are so passionately working to give the best possible care to mother and baby. Many of them are interested in supporting GMC.

New projects were born, old projects are moving along nicely. We are steadily growing as an organization.

In education we are strengthening relationships with people who are striving to give midwives the best training possible; we are revising our own material and working on making the best information on Physiology of Birth widely available. We are actively seeking YOUR SUPPORT to fund and realize these efforts.

Thank you !!!!!
European Court of Human Rights
We met with lawyer Yves Piantino who attended the Human Rights in Childbirth conference in the Hague last may. We had discussions on how to better help the midwives and Doctors that are being prosecuted for helping mothers have choices in birth. We discussed the implications of the Ternovsky case for the future of birth. This case sets a precedent and does carry weight. The more cases like this we can bring forward, the more weight on the public arena freedom in birth will have.

European Court of Human RightsIf you have a case you could bring to the European Court of Human Rights, you can simply find a generous and sympathetic lawyer to help you fill out the online form. If you have a case like the one in Hungary where she was pregnant and not allowed to have her caregiver legally attend her homebirth, you need to still be pregnant at the time of handing in the form, for your claim to be valid.

Remember that these are cases against the State.

Women in Bulgaria and Lithuania are following have presented similar cases to the ECHR.
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