Freedom for Birth
Freedom for Birth is a new film that re-frames Human Rights as the most pressing issue in childbirth today. Produced by One world birth, the campaign was launched on September 20th with over 1000 premier screenings in over 50 countries.

The Première version of the film is subtitled in the following languages: English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portugese (Portugal), Portugese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish.
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Message from Betty Anne Davies to Agnes Gareb
GMC Supports Midwives in Puerto Rico
As Puerto Rico is preparing new ways to monitor Licensing of Health workers, a great many experienced and skilled midwives are being left out or submitted to outrageous requirements that hinder their possibilities when it comes to helping women in the ways they have so skillfully done for the past 40 to 50 years and even before that. With the new Law, all out of hospital midwifery is threatened and with this a whole body of knowledge and experience runs the risk of disappearing. GMC has requested authorities to keep different kinds of midwifery alive by including them and their representatives in the decision making process as they are the only ones adequately trained and experienced to understand the specific educational and practical needs of their kind of practice.

We honor the amazing work Puerto Rico Midwives have been doing and we support the efforts to continue holding high mother’s and babies’ human rights by offering them the wide spectrum of respected and skilled care.
Women Stand Up for Their Rights in Childbearing in BRAZIL
One doctor said on TV that women who wanted a home birth should have the right to do so, as long as they are healthy. Immediately, the medicine authority came on the news, asking this doctor to be punished for having said such an irresponsible thing.

People from all over Brazil organized demonstrations in around 26 cities of Brazil, to defend this great doctor - Jorge Kuhn, and to talk about woman's rights at birth, home birth, etc... In São Paulo there were 1500 people on the street. Michel Odent was present supporting the demonstration in Rio, and Naoli Vinaver in the one in Curitiba

The latest news is quite disturbing. Now CREMERJ (Rio de Janeiro medicine council) has banned doulas and out of hospital midwives to attend any hospital births in the state of Rio, this is brand new and there is a lot of action against that. Home birth women that need transfer to hospital should not be admitted, and doctors cannot attend home births, nor can they be home birth back up.

You can sign a petition to prevent this here.
Break the Silence: Respectful Maternity Care
White Ribbon Alliance releases some amazing now videos for their campaign.

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