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Birth is a Human Rights Issue. This declaration is the foundation of the Global Midwifery Council. Childbirth is the strong foundation upon which every healthy society grows.

The Global Midwifery Council is an international humanitarian organization of midwives and their supporters investigating birth and midwifery around the world. The council’s goal is to ensure that safe and respectful midwifery care during childbirth is available to every woman in the world.

The Global Midwifery Council analyses birth conditions worldwide to help retain, establish or reestablish midwifery care.


The most basic human right for every woman is the right to choose her place of birth and who will attend her. Mothers and babies do best in an environment conducive to the respect for the physiology of birth. Conscious, mother-centered midwifery has been shown to serve that need.

The Global Midwifery Council recognizes each woman’s unique spiritual, psychological and biological experience of childbirth.

Childbirth is the pivotal event in the life of each individual and is the cornerstone of a peaceful society.


Receive and respond to needs and requests about birth from around the world.

Keep a “Situation Room” where we will centralize Web-based information and analyze information about birth-related conditions globally.

Promote midwifery models that work to provide safe, humane, respectful, organic, culturally-appropriate birthing care.

Work to strengthen midwifery education, continuing education and access to an international network of experienced and aspiring midwives and supportive caregivers.

Work in association with sister midwifery organizations around the world.

Maintain a community platform for issues pertaining to childbirth.

Respond to specific educational needs and requests to help develop and support local midwifery.

Develop ways to help support midwifery globally.

Work to develop an international documentation for midwifery education, experience and skills.


Studies based on non-physiological birth are not applicable to physiological birth.

Midwives are the experts on physiological birth.

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