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Global Midwifery Council was conceived in Moscow in 2009 and was instituted as a Swiss association in 2010. Our members are all passionate people striving to improve conditions of birth around the world. We hold a truly global vision of the status of birth as we have members from every continent.

Today there are many challenges facing women, babies and caregivers. Global Midwifery Council aims to tackle some of these. There is a whole body of knowledge that is disappearing in the wake of technology. This knowledge is life saving, especially in situations were technology is not available, deficient or overused. Observational skills, non-invasive manipulations, the use of local traditional medicine should not be lost but revisited, reviewed, documented and shared. The most recent discoveries about the true physiology of birth call for a major adjustment to the care women are receiving. This knowledge, in many cases, is incompatible with current protocols. We aim to document this information and make it readily available to all who seek it.


Global Midwifery Council Mission Statement

Declaracion De La Mision De Global Midwifery Council

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The Formation of GMC
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Definition of a Midwife

A midwife serves women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is trained in the health, physiology and care of women and their babies. Her services are given in a humane and respectful manner, with minimal interference in the physiological process, and honoring the mother’s choices. She can identify problems, knows techniques for managing emergency situations within her resources and refers or transports for medical care when necessary. She is guided by the individual needs of each mother and baby.

A midwife acquires essential knowledge through a variety of routes within an educational format or through a traditional process, as well as from other midwives and by assisting with mothers and babies. She continually updates her knowledge on the basis of evidence, practical experience and educational opportunities. A midwife shares information with mothers, families and the community about her practice, alternative options, rights and responsibilities, wellness, preventive care, bonding and breastfeeding. The midwife's practice is autonomous, interdependent and she may offer her services in any setting.
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